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KWLP Playlist for 6-7-2017

  Here's the playlist for that show for June 7, 2017. Comment to vote for as many songs as you'd like to hear replayed next week; the top five total votes here, on IRC chat during the show, and on the Dementia Radio Facebook group will be replayed next week as REQUEST ROW. The top vote-getters for the whole year get played the last two shows of the year in our top-100 countdown.

Next week's show will be prerecorded, just so you know.

Strikethrough options got the gong and got deleted from my hard drive.


Ookla the Mok (feat. Shoebox, the great Luke Ski, and Devo Spice) - Welcome to the Con

Raymond & Scum - Merchandise Table 128
Lemon Demon - Gonna Dig Up Alec Guinness
the great Luke Ski - Quark's New Merchandising Enterprise (Live at CONvergence 2007)

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Leaving on a Jet Plane
Devo Spice feat. Insane Ian - Flight Check
George Carlin - High on the Plane

Ray Stevens - The Motel Song
Cirque du So What - A F*ing Room
Homer & Jethro - Hernando's Hideaway

Sherclop Pones - The Convention (At the Gala parody)
COMIC CON the Musical! (featuring Whitney Avalon - Princess Rap Battles)
Possible Oscar - At The Con
Skittle Sama - Third Anime Convention

Power Salad - Larry McBrim
Power Salad - Gas Station Disc Jockey
Power Salad - The Perfect Parodist

Grant Uchida - The Cosplay Song  Conventions 
Insane Ian Featuring the Great Luke Ski - Cosplaying Fangirls
Le Jizm - Mr. Female Character Cosplayer
Not Literally - I Ship It

Barry & The Bookbinders - Fart In An Elevator
Rob Balder - Gamer Funk
Le Jizm - Mr. Unwashed Convention Attendee (ver. 2)

The Consortium of Genius - Science Party
Devo Spice - The Geeks Come Out at Night
Possible Oscar - The Room Party Song

Power Salad - Larry McBrim
Power Salad - The Perfect Parodist
Power Salad - Gas Station Disc Jockey
Weird Al Yankovic - Virus Alert
Weird Al Yankovic - Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me

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