redneckgaijin (redneckgaijin) wrote,

WLP's Year-End Sale

Well, I've just put almost everything on sale for at least 10% off on WLP's online stores.

Regular -

Adults-only store -

I've also updated the main WLPShirts page ( and put several shirts on sale- they're either going away for good, or might go if they don't sell some copies THIS MONTH.

"A Gamma Irradiated Society is a Polite Society" -

"First Church of Jesus Christ, Zombie" -

"Lycanthropes (Werewolves in Disguise)" -

"What's the Point of Being a Ninja if Nobody Sees You?" -

"Agent of S.C.R.A.M. (Pay No Attention to That Pony in the Background)" -

"Orchard Blossom is Best Pony" -

"Epoch Fail" -

The last three shirts are either DEFINITELY going away or have ALREADY gone out of print (but we still have copies).

Sale runs through December 31- order by the 15th if you want turn-around in time for Christmas!

FINAL NOTE: At the end of the year I'm going to clear ALL the customer data from the online stores. ALL OF IT. Even orders taken this month. I'm also going to clear out deadwood from the catalog database to make it easier to work on the store. I've let the online store lag this year, and I intend to change that. That means, if you're a repeat customer, you WILL have to register again after the database purge. Sorry.
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