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Adult Webcomics Telethon: Update and Worry...

The Adult Webcomics Telethon

Just uploaded two more pages. One from dvandom.

Also just checked the bandwidth for yesterday, Sept. 14. Over 9 GB. Wow.

When I decided to do this, I gave pipe not the first thought in my head. I've been begging people to link to this, but if things get too much more successful... well, the hell with Bootleg #13, I might just need donations to WLP to pay bandwidth overages from hosting this Telethon. }:-{D

Oh, well. My account has the pipe to go 16 GB per day for an entire month without going into overages. For now, everything's cool.

On a less happy note, I observe that Something Awful has found the AWT. The #8 referring site for the 14th was the Something Awful forum, with most of that coming from the following thread URL:

which I can't read here.

I only hope the SA crowd doesn't feel like pissing in our Cheerios- this effort has had enough stumbling blocks as it is.

The spookiest thing of all, though is this: according to Dreamhost's stats tool, the host which had the most people looking at the WLP website in toto today is: is the Idaho National Laboratory. I seriously doubt anyone there is looking here for info on nuclear research... but the voices in the back of my head are playing the S F/X of black helicopters...
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